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Three Books Published in 2022!

I never thought I would see a year where I had three books published, but 2022 has been that year! I am so humbled and excited to have brought you Two Princes, Alonso, and Ashley & Tyrell this year!

Hey, y’all! Can I offer you a glass of sweet tea? Sit down a spell and we’ll chat. How’s your mom and them?
I’m a Southern author, editor, and encourager who has made words my passion. Whether it’s my Southern-based novels or the story inside you that is itching to get out – I am here to bring words to life! Find out more about me here.
In addition to being an (award-winning!) author, I also offer editorial and book coaching services. Wander over to my Services Page for more info if you’d like. I offer free consults and I would LOVE to chat!

I am now an author of two different genres of books! It’s big news, y’all. First, I write Christian fiction, and I try to keep it honest and real in the realm of the struggles Christ-followers face every day. I call it “Gritty Christian.”
Second, I’m now writing sweet, clean romances. So while it might not be a hard-hitting faith journey, it’s still PG enough for your momma or your teenager.
Find out more about my books here. Be sure to drop me a line – I’d love to hear from you!

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Louisa May Alcott

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