The First Edits

I got my first edited draft back from the publisher the other day. I am incredibly excited to go through everything and see what changes were made and read her notes. While I know there are a few typos and whatnot in there (there always are), I was nearly jumping up and down upon seeing the note she wrote in the email:

I am excited to get to work with you on this project. This has been one of my favorite manuscripts so far! Please let me know if you have any questions regarding any of my edits.

This is a writer’s dream – for their editor to say it’s one of their favorite manuscripts so far! (Thanks, Katie! If I don’t get you added to the acknowledgments, please know how much I appreciate you!)

Now I get to go through the whole thing again, approve her edits, see if I need to change anything, then send it back again.

We’re moving along! I’m happy to have an update.


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