Where does WarTorn Heart take place?

Now that people know I’m having a book published, this is one of the questions I get frequently asked. Where does it take place?

WarTorn Heart takes place right here in South Carolina. One of my main characters is a cadet at Clemson College when WWII breaks out. Abby, who tells the story first-person, lives just a few miles from Clemson’s campus. While her town is never named specifically, I modeled it after the little hamlet just up the road from Clemson called Six Mile. If you ever get the chance to visit, it’s an area with a lot of history.

Our hero is Harvey and he is originally from Charleston, which is where a small portion of the book takes place as well. Abby and her sister-in-law drive across the state to Charleston – a first for them both! They marvel over Rainbow Row and the Battery as well.

As I mentioned, the book takes place during WWII, but because it’s all first person narrative from Abby’s point of view, we never see what Harvey sees while he’s in Europe and even the northernmost parts of Africa.

Soon I’ll introduce you to the characters so you can get to know more about them as well!


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