Who are Abby and Harvey?

The two main characters for War Torn Heart are Abby Walker and Harvey Nicholas. I thought I would take a minute and introduce you to them.

Abby is a mature young woman who lives in rural South Carolina. The second oldest child of Nathan and Grace Walker, she is often times a second mother to her younger siblings. Only a year younger than older brother Peter, they are incredibly close and have a wonderful bond. She has a strong faith that wavers when disaster strikes. Abby aspires to be more than just a 1940s-50s housewife, but she isn’t sure just where her passion is in the beginning of the book. Over time she learns what her God-given gifts are and how to properly use them.

Harvey is the heir to a Charleston shipping company as the only son of David and Jane Nicholas. He is a cadet at Clemson College in upstate, SC during the fall of 1941. Like many young men, and most of the corps of cadets of Clemson College, he signs up to fight the Nazis after the bombing of WWII. Harvey was raised to keep God first in all his does, and he strives to do that despite holding his best friend as he dies on a war field. After the war, Harvey decides to go into ministry and become a pastor so he can share the Gospel with everyone.

I wish could show you what they look like inside my head. Hopefully soon I’ll have cover art to share with you all.


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