Balancing Time

I am a wife and mother of four. Which means I’m often being pulled in about 100 different directions at any given time. Just this morning I was out running errands when I got a text from the mother of my daughter’s friend who was supposed to host 6 girls at her house for a project. They were suddenly sick (y’all – this flu is NO JOKE) and had to cancel. Our school has a policy that we must submit change of transportation in writing, so I had to swing by the school and do that before I could carry on to my other things.

It all takes time. Balancing that time is never easy and often things lose that battle.

In fact, right this moment there are three loads of laundry sitting four feet from where I’m sitting on the couch – taunting me. They are clean, but not folded, because I decided to try to get some editing done instead.

Somehow it all gets done eventually.


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