A Letter to Jesus

Dear Jesus,

Thank You for my wonder family. For a loving husband, for four wonderfully spirited children.
Thank You for parents who raised me to be strong and vulnerable at the same time, taught me right from not right and the ability to speak my thoughts, opinions and convictions regardless of which side of “right” I’m on.
Thank You for making me into the completely imperfect person I am.
Thank You for giving me friends who not only know everything about me, they love me in spite of it.
Thank You for a place I can openly worship you – not just my church, but the United States of America.
Thank You for not only the gifts you have given me, but also the hindrances, for they allow me to grow.
Thank You for the Word you have provided us, that we may always strive to follow you from it.
Thank You for breaking my heart so that You could mend it in your perfect way.
Thank You for Free Will – so I can show others that my desire to follow you is a choice, not an act of slavery.
Thank You for being the One to take on my sins and heal my brokenness. I am not worthy, yet in spite of that You still chose to rescue me. I am grateful.

I am not perfect. But You are.
I am not complete, I am not right, I am not clean, I am not alive – except with You. Thank you, Jesus.

With Love,


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