Author Interview: Kathy Howard

Kathy M. Howard is the author of From Dishes to Snow, a book about a woman who has lost everything she loves and feels immense guilt – but God gives her a second chance at life.

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Book Tagline: Memories so unbearable, leaving is the only option.

Bayne Harris has lost everything she holds dear in her life. Her husband and children are dead. She was the one who caused the accident – the one behind the wheel. She can’t escape that night as it continuously haunts her thoughts.
A year after they’re gone, nothing as changed. The memories are still unbearable. She can’t breathe. She can’t function. She needs to get away.
View Top Mountain provides the perfect escape. No one will bother her there. No one will want to check on her or talk about what happened. She can live her life alone, away from do-gooders and any chance of happiness. This is her plan, but she soon finds out God has something else in store.

According to Kathy, the setting and some of the story’s activities were inspired by her experiences at her family’s own little red house. Years ago, in the mountains of western North Carolina, her grandfather built the house that would one day hold priceless memories of her childhood as they hiked numerous trails, grilled hamburgers in the rain, played cards late into the night, and strolled down to the Little Creek under a canopy of trees.
“Without connection to the outside world, we grew closer as a family, laughing until our sides hurt,” she said.

Kathy said that Theodore and Bertha Milford are her favorite characters. They are the main character’s neighbors and are modeled after her own grandparents. She said she put each of her grandparents into the characters of Theodore and Bertha.

Finding the time to sit down and write is a challenge for any writer, but as a full time homeschooling mom, Kathy has her hands full all of the time.
“I have a wonderful and supportive family, so if I needed day writing time
too, they certainly understood. They ignored dirty dishes and piles of laundry for
days on end,” she said.

The sequel to From Dishes to Snow is From Driftwood to Sapphire. Both are available on Amazon and were published by Ambassador International.


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