Where we’re at now…

My amazing editor Katie and I have been having a lot of back and forth, but thankfully most of the edits were things like commas, or my overusing certain phrases. All easy things to take care of. Whew!


Now she tells me my book has been whisked off to “Creative,” where the team will be working on the cover art and other things like that.
Let me tell you – I am incredibly nervous about the cover art. Abby and Harvey have been living inside my head for over a decade and I have very distinct pictures of them in my mind. Not being there to pick models or even to take the photos (I was a photographer in a former career path) is so hard for me.

But things are plugging along. I am so blessed by the outpouring of support I have gotten from friends and family. Even people I haven’t spoken to in eons have sent messages congratulating me. It means so much to me and I can only pray my characters will bless you all as much as they have blessed me!


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