The Dedication Page

I think one of the things I most looked forward to with publishing a book is the dedication page.

I look at the dedication page in every book I read. It usually holds some amazing insight to the author, who inspired them, who they love, and who encouraged them on their journey.

Some dedications are…predictable. Spouses, children, parents. The usual.
Some are the author’s friends. Perhaps a former teacher who was a moving force in their life.

Occasionally you see a catchy dedication to “You, the reader.” And naturally, all writers should dedicate their work to their readers. Do you know what makes a writer a good writer? The reader!

One of my favorites comes from a high school classmate of mine who wrote the NY Times best seller series The Selection. Kiera Cass simply wrote:


Yes, she really is that adorable.

That brings me around to my own dedication page. To whom did I dedicate War Torn Heart? I hope to bring you a little story on each of the three people I dedicated the novel to. They are three incredibly important people in my life.
But you’ll have to wait to hear who they are! Coming soon!


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