War Torn Heart: Characters

I wanted to give you some insight into more of the people in War Torn Heart, specifically the Walker family.

Abby Walker is the heroine of our story, and she is the second child born to Nathan and Grace Walker. Nathan is a bank manager and Grace is a homemaker. They were married in 1920 (almost 100 years ago!). Together with their six children they live in a two-story white clapboard house surrounded by oak trees and magnolias, as are most southern homes.

This is how I picture the Walker home to have looked, but surrounded by trees and gardens. Credit: http://www.grandviewriverhouse.com/1513629275/pyt/0dd0d8f1535d14b2/

Peter is the eldest of the Walker children. Two years older than Abby, they enjoy a close bond. Peter is a upstanding young man who would love nothing more than to be a Clemson cadet, but that dream does not come true for the young man. He courts and marries a young lady by the name of Emmeline Madison whom he has loved for as long as he can remember.

Rebecca “Reba” Walker is nearly four years younger than Abby. Despite the age difference, the sisters get along well and Reba is a mature girl who is always looking out for her siblings.

Michael is sadly only mentioned in War Torn Heart, as he died soon after he was born in 1931. He was named Michael for the Archangel, as he earned his wings before his family was ready.

Next comes Jacob. “Jake” is a rambunctious little boy almost ten years Abby’s junior. He keeps the whole family on their toes with his jokes and antics. He wants nothing more than to be just like his big brother Peter.

Eliza is the youngest of the Walker girls. At only five years old at the start of our story, she’s a precious little cherub of a child whom everyone adores and dotes on.

Lastly, we are introduced to Gabriel. He is born during the course of the story and he was also named for the Archangel. Though he was born a little early, Gabe is a fighter who makes a wonderful addition to the family and is loved by all.

In addition to the core Walker family, we meet Grace’s younger sister, Dottie, who feels she’s an old maid at twenty-five. We also meet Judy, Grace’s older sister, who only makes a quick appearance.

In a nutshell, that’s the Walker family! I hope you grow to love them as much as I do when you read War Torn Heart!


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