Where did the Grit Girls come from?

Where did the Grit Girls come from? Well, truth be told, from me and my friends!

A little over three years ago my best friend moved away. And much like an eight-year-old, I pouted. Michelle and I did everything together – even down to (inadvertently) having children together. So I took her moving very hard.

I spent a year feeling completely friendless. I prayed for friends to magically appear. On a whim, I started a Facebook group for area moms. The group has blossomed into an amazing community and such a wonderful mission field for encouragement. Through the group, I met two wonderful ladies – Marissa and Sarah. We were instant buddies. We share everything. We pray together, we laugh together.

Through some word misunderstanding, I thought someone had called us the Bacon Tribe (she had actually said “Beacon of Light”) and the nickname stuck. We’ve been the Bacon Tribe for over 18 months now. We talk daily. We go on vacations together. We celebrate birthdays and Christmas and anything else we can think of to celebrate.

When my amazing publisher at Ambassador International suggested I write some short stories for my website, I immediately thought about some of the antics we get up to. With a little group brainstorming, the Bacon Tribe translated into the Grit Girls.

Now – please note that the Grit Girls are FICTION. The stories are FICTION. Yes, we went to Lake Lure, but nobody fell into the lake. No hunky firefighter married a gorgeous divorcee (that I know of), and I know not one single thing about the school district superintendent. Every story line is made up in my head.

But they are fun to write, and hopefully they’re funny for you to read. I do hope you’re enjoying learning about Kate and the Grit Girls. They’re a sassy bunch, aren’t they?


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