Looking for a Home

My family is in a bit of a spiritual funk right now, if I may admit that.

With my older children preparing for the world of Youth Group, and the younger ones entering the preschool and elementary school age groups, we’ve been looking for a church that can help our family’s growing and changing spiritual needs. And to be honest – we’re having a hard time.

We’ve seen churches where we love the pastor and his teachings, but then the children’s programs are lacking. Or perhaps the children’s area is great, but there’s not an active youth group for our kids to move into.

Several times we’ve walked into a church only to walk out an hour later wondering what we had just experienced. I’m not saying there was fault with any of the churches we have been to over the past several months, just that they were not the right place for my family in this season of our life.

It’s admittedly been very hard for us and we often find ourselves not going to any church because we don’t have one to call home. I know personally, I find myself more frustrated in general without hearing God’s Word. And yes, I know I should be reading my Bible even more in this time, but life is crazy and I admit that I have fallen short.

So if you’re the praying type, please lift up a prayer that we would find the right church family and home for us. And also pray for all people who are seeking God in a situation, that He would guide their steps to where He desires them to go.


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