War-Torn Heart Update

It’s been a while since I’ve given a publishing update.

This week I received three cover art mock ups. One featured a lovely model that looks very much like how I imagine Abby with flowing dark hair. Another had the back of a soldier walking away. The third showed the same soldier with a bride looking off into the distance.

Each was striking in its own way. I had suggestions that I sent back to the artist. My pragmatic husband suggested I just find a model and take the photo myself and send that over to the cover artist. I said while I would *love* do to that, I didn’t think my artist Hannah would appreciate it. (Did you know I was a photographer in a previous profession?)

In other news, I will be part of a Facebook author party on July 26th. It’s a Thursday. I’m hoping for evening when kids are in bed. And I’m really praying I have a finalized cover I can reveal for this! I also plan to talk about the Grit Girls – so be looking for more info to come!

Have a blessed day!


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