I Don’t Like Coffee

I know. I’m the strangest American woman ever. I hate coffee. I think it’s so gross and no amount of creamer or sugar will change that. I mean, I am 37 years old. I’m set in my ways.

But I often get asked to “go for coffee,” and the book club I belong to meets at a coffee house. So what do I do? I usually get a water. In the winter I’ll get a hot chocolate, because that stuff is what magic and dreams are made of.

I am, however, a sweet tea addict. So I get my caffeine, just in a different way. And I don’t touch it before 10am (I don’t know why. That’s just my personal quirk.).

I feel like all writers are supposed to walk around with a coffee mug permanently attached to their hand. Believe me, I’m crazy enough without it.

Is there something you don’t like that people think you’re crazy for not loving? Let me know!coffee-mug-1493946797


One comment

  1. I use to hate coffee also but once I tasted Starbucks that all changed. Now at 50 both me & my husband are becoming coffee drinkers. Side note is that I hate all Tea & yes I’m from SC.


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