Finding a Home

I shared not too long ago that we were searching for a new church home. As our children have gotten older, we found ourselves needing a home with a strong youth ministry, a place where our tweens could connect with peers, with a trust-worthy adult, and with God.

We also needed a place with a solid preschool ministry and an engaging elementary school ministry. I mean, we need the trifecta here.

And, of course, something where my husband and I can serve the Body and also be fed spiritually. So maybe that’s the quadfecta? Is that a thing?

For a long time I have felt God leading us to go back to the church where we were married. This was the first place Marshall and I ever went to church together as a couple. We were married there, and brought our first child there as a newborn.
But moves, along with different situations, had us venturing out to other churches. And now we find ourselves adrift in a vast sea of church options – this is the South after all – all wonderful in their own way.

But this small building, still filled with many people we have known since we got married, was staring me down time after time when I would drive past. I told Marshall, “It’s time to go home.”

We’ve been reattending for several weeks and it’s both an immense comfort and also quite new and exciting to see it now through the eyes of someone 10 years older, someone with a large family, someone with children in preschool, elementary school, and youth. The church has changed, grown, and shifted all without moving.
We have been welcomed with open arms and open hearts by people we have known for a long time and those we have just met. It’s like a sigh of relief.

It’s so good to be home again.



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