Writing to the Beat

I love to listen to music when I write. I know some writers who need complete silence, and even a few who can write with the television on. I cannot write with the television going. Way too distracting for me. But I do love music.

My music choices will change depending on the mood of the scene I’m writing. If something is face paced, I prefer music with an upbeat tempo. Darker scenes need slower music or a heavy bass line. If someone dies, however, I need silence.

I will listen to worship music, Christian pop/rock, or soundtracks. The Greatest Showman and Mamma Mia have been at the top of the list lately. In the Christian vein, I enjoy Jamie Grace, Need To Breathe, Mercy Me and more.


If the story takes place in a certain time period, I will listen to the songs of that era as a way to prepare my mindset. Big band music of the 1940s, or the acoustic sounds of the late 60s were often in my rotation while writing. With the Grit Girls, Southern RockĀ  and folk rock are always fun for me.

Do you listen to music when you work? Or do you prefer silence?


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