Meet Kate, Delia, & Frankie Ann: The Grit Girls

I’ve written several Grit Girls stories now, and I felt like these ladies needed faces. I had distinct pictures in my mind of what they looked like and I wanted you all to see them, too.

So, on a whim, I put our a casting call for models. Not “model” models, but people willing to play along and have their photos online. I wound up casting two of my friends (who are NOT the inspiration for Delia and Frankie Ann) as well as a local mom I had never met before.

So without further ado… I give you Kate, Delia, and Frankie Ann. The Grit Girls.

(c) Allison Wells

Y’all. I am so excited! These ladies were amazing. A special thank you to Marissa, Catherine, and Misty for doing this – and even for agreeing to do more down the road if needed! And a special thanks to my photographer who doubles as my husband, Marshall.





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