O Christmas Tree

This year I decided to be a little different with our tree. Our 6 foot pre-lit from the previous several years went kaput, so I was excited to do something different. I’ve always wanted a white tree, so I was prepared to get that – but then my daughter convinced me to try a champagne colored tree. I went small – just 4 feet tall. I also ordered a 2 foot white one just because.

Since the tree was so short, I asked my husband to build me a pedestal for it, something to raise it up high. He delivered a beautifully rustic wooden box for the tree. I love it. I painted each side with different images and words.

With the stand, the two trees, and some beautiful Christmas art, I am absolutely in love with our our tree area looks this year.

What does your tree look like this year? Is it different from previous years?


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