War-Torn Heart Trailer. Almost.

One thing I’ve wanted to do for a while is create a book trailer for War-Torn Heart. I think most authors will tell you that their book plays like a movie in our heads, so I really wanted a physical picture of what Abby and Harvey looked like for me.

That leaves the issue of finding people who would look like the characters. I describe Abby as a pretty girl with dark curly hair. Harvey is tall, trim, and also dark haired.

This past fall I took one look at our pastor’s daughter then looked to my husband, “She’s my Abby!” Her name is Adison and she’s a beautiful girl inside and out. I finally asked her parents if they would be okay with my asking her about it. They said yes, and Adison happily agreed to be my Abby.
Finding a Harvey was a little harder. I didn’t have an exact picture of him in my head. For the sake of the trailer, I asked Adison if she thought her boyfriend Nicholas would do it. She said he would (not sure if Nicholas agreed or if she agreed for him).

The pair were wonderful. They put on the clothes I asked them to wear, they did take after take in freezing cold weather of cheesy scenes I had written out for the trailer.

We filmed the entire thing at Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church in Pendleton. It was built in 1822 and Clemson Univ. founder Thomas Green Clemson is buried there. I have to give a huge thanks to the people at Saint Paul’s for opening the building for us and allowing us to make use of their grounds.

I’m hoping the trailer will be ready in a few days, but until then, here are a few photos!


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