Wednesday Writers–War-Torn Heart by Allison Wells

Catherine Castle

Welcome to Wednesday Writers. Today’s guest is Allison Wells, author of War-Torn Heart. Allison will be sharing some background of the setting of this Historical Christian Romance as well as an excerpt from the book. Welcome, Allison!

Thanks, Catherine.

War-Torn Heart is more than just a Christian romance novel. It’s set in a very real time in our history and takes place in real locations in South Carolina.

As a Clemson alumni myself, the history of the school has always enthralled me. Hearing that the entire class of 1943 enlisted and went off to join the war effort really resonated with me. That sense of purpose, of community – it is something I would love to see come back to our country.

Before having children, I worked as a newspaper journalist. I covered a small town called Six Mile just a short ways away from Clemson University and I…

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