Author Interview: Daphne Self

Joining us today we have Daphne Self, author of The Case of the Missing Firehouse Dog, a very sweet children’s book.
The early reader book is about two children, Willie and Jax, and their quest to find out who may have dognapped Majesty the firehouse pup.

Tell us what the book is about, Daphne:
“Wilhelmina van der Coup, aka Willie, is the precocious red-headed sleuth who loves solving mysteries. Jackson Barnaby, aka Jax, her best friend, is a whiz at all things logical, a Boy Scout, and equally compelled to solve the neighborhood’s mysteries. It is a subtle message that teaches kids to not judge a person based on their looks. To truly know someone is to get to know them.”

What was the hardest part about writing this book?
“Keeping it at the age level it needed to be. Kids are adept at filling stories with their imagination.”

What was the most enjoyable part?
“Thinking of ideas of what situations and complications my characters become involved it. For example, dropping the pair of homemade binoculars in the neighbor’s backyard and devising a plan to retrieve it. Or how Willie gets herself stuck in a hedge because she was spying on a neighbor.”

Why do readers want to pick up this book?
“Clean, honest, and entertaining fun for the children: this book offers them all that. There are no worries about inappropriate language or scenes.”

What’s next for you, Daphne?
“I am in the process of writing and illustrating the next The Adventures of Wilhelmina book and my next novel, Alabama Days, should release in a few months.”

Find Daphne!


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