Author Interview: Allen Steadham

Allen Steadham’s book Mindfire releases today! Congrats, Allen! Mindfire is a Christian superhero thriller book published by Ambassador International.

Tell us a little about Mindfire:
“Power alone does not make a hero or villain.” Mindfire is a redemption story which follows a group of characters whose past now shapes their present, especially the lead character, Leia Hamilton.

Tell us about your main characters:
At 20 years old, Leia Hamilton develops the ability to move objects or set them on fire with her mind. She soon learns that her father is a former superhero and her biological mother is a super villain. Leia only wants a normal life with her boyfriend, Josh, whom she wants to marry someday. She does not want her powers, much less to be any kind of “superhero.” Leia is charming and loving but she can be rash and impulsive.

Josh Manning is Leia’s boyfriend. They have been inseparable friends since the age of nine. Josh goes to the same college as Leia. He is bright, funny and adores Leia with all his heart. Josh has no super powers.

Misha Breyer is Leia’s best friend. They go to the same college and work at the same pizza restaurant. Misha is protective and supportive of Leia. She tries to counter some of Leia’s idealism with a realistic perspective. Misha has no super powers.

Steve Hamilton is Leia’s father. He used to be a superhero named The Crusader. He has incredible strength, near-invulnerability and the ability to fly. Just over 20 years ago, he helped form a superhero team called The AR-MEN. Several tragedies occurred and the team disbanded. Steve left behind his superhero identity to give his life to Jesus Christ, so he could be a better husband and father. He has never regretted that decision. He still has his powers but chooses not to use them.

Sue Hamilton is Steve’s wife. She used to be a superheroine named The Cat, a member of the AR-MEN, and a Latina model. She left both roles behind to be a stay-at-home mom to Leia and then Leia’s half-sister, Tanya. Sue became a Christian at the same time as her husband. She is selfless, very caring and can be fiercely protective of her family. She still has her powers but chooses not to transform into a half-feline/half-human for obvious reasons.

Malevolence is Leia’s biological mother. She is a sociopath and a murderer as well as the most powerful telepath and telekinetic in the world. She does not adhere to anyone’s moral standards but her own. Yet she has a past with Steve Hamilton that dates back to before she developed these powers that unhinged her mind. Somehow, Steve convinced her to give their daughter to him to raise.

Dana Fox is the African-American superhero known as Black Fox. The other co-creator of the AR-MEN, she is the only member who is still an active superhero. She is training her adult son to follow in her footsteps.

Dane Fox is Dana’s son and the superhero known as Shadow. He has control over literally any shadow, perhaps even light itself. He has never known his father, the superhero known as Silver Knight, who was killed before Dane was born. Dane is gallant and brave but his identity is very closely tied to his mother’s, making him vulnerable in ways he does not yet suspect or understand.

How has faith played a part in this book?
Leia’s father and step-mother are Christians. In their support of their daughter, they have to demonstrate their faith in God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Mindfire also shows how they came to the Lord in the first place, through Sue Hamilton’s mother who witnessed Christ to them.

What was the hardest part about writing this book?
Since I originally wrote The AR-MEN as a comic book from 1980 – 2006, I had to hand everything about these characters and past storylines over to the Lord before I could even begin. I had to let Him show me what story He wanted me to write and which characters the Lord wanted me to use. I had to be willing to let go of a lifetime of pre-conceived understanding and start fresh. But it was so worth it!

What was the most enjoyable part about writing this book?
I think getting to know these characters again in this setting, in these roles, was the most enjoyable part. If this is the last time we ever see them, I feel like it is a fitting farewell.

If you could swap lives with your main character for a short time, would you? Why or why not?
I don’t have to imagine swapping lives with these characters. Each of them represents real parts of my life, real experiences or near-experiences — just amplified with fantastic powers or settings. Whether the reader knows it or not, by reading Mindfire, they are getting to know me in a way.

Why do readers want to pick this book up?
This book has a lot to offer! It has great characters and character development, a rich and complete story. It has mystery, suspense, action, romance and yet it is a clean read, a Christian story. The Lord’s death, burial and glorious resurrection are focused on and essential to the novel. Mindfire will stick with you, but in a good way!

What’s next for you as an author? What are you working on now?
I’m working on a Christian science-fantasy trilogy. The first book, Jordan’s World, will be released Summer 2019. I have completed the second book and am finishing work on the third book now.

Find Allen:
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