Tattoos, Part II

I wrote part one a few months ago and promptly forgot about the topic entirely! Whoops!

Did you know that more than 50% of people walking into tattoo shops are now female? And did you know that a rising number of them are Christians?

I am a tattooed momma and I love all my tattoos. They’re addictive – like potato chips – I can’t have just one. I just got my newest one in March the weekend before War-Torn Heart was released. Let me share it with you…

Done at The Painted Pony tattoo shop in Anderson, SC. Artist: Anastasia

I knew I wanted something to celebrate the release of my first book. I scoured Pinterest (follow me!) for tattoo ideas and loves the watercolor look, I loved the open book, and I loved the idea of an inkpot and quill. I gave Anastasia all my ideas and several photos and this was her creation. I love it. It accurately represents the creative process, the moments of “ah-ha!” as one is writing, the editing, and the need to always work on your craft.

I do not claim to be a wonderful writer. I am just doing what I feel God has called me to do. I was once accused of being a bad journalist (in reference to my freelance writing), to which I countered, “I’m not a journalist, I am a writer. There’s a big difference.”

This ink was also special because my daughter came with me for the first time. At twelve, I feel she’s old enough to be still and inquisitive. She has expressed her desire for a tattoo when she’s older and I wanted her to see the process. She saw me wince as the ink went closest to my hand (ouch!), she saw me try not to laugh so as not to mess up the lines, and she saw how something that started off as random lines became a beautiful work of art.

I’ll share more as time goes on! Have a blessed day!


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