Tattoos, Part III

It’s time for more tattoos!

I understand that some people may be turned off by a Christian author having tattoos, and I’m okay with that. I don’t have them to please you, I have them to please me and honor some aspect of my life.

My oldest son was adopted through foster care. After bringing him home, we spent almost 2 years worrying that we would lose him and praying that we could keep him. So before we finalized his adoption, I got a tattoo of snowflakes to represent my family. Each of us – me, my husband, daughter, and son – got a snowflake. I also added a small pink one that you probably can’t see in the photo, to represent a miscarriage I had.

The idea behind them – mine and my husband’s snowflakes have orange to represent Clemson, then pink for me, blue for him. It’s hard to tell color in this photo. Then my daughter’s is pink (girl) and blue for her birthstone. My son’s is blue (boy) and purple for his birthstone.

Praise be to God that we were able to finalize our son’s adoption a few months after this tattoo was done.

As our family grew, I needed to add snowflakes, so now it looks like this:

I apologize for the way my leg looks – that’s a hard angle to photograph!

In 2013 I added the top snowflake for my second son – blue (boy) and blue for his birthstone. And in 2016 we added the last one at the bottom – again blue (boy) and green for his birthstone.

I started this piece because I was afraid we would lose our oldest son and I wanted something to remind me of him permanently in case he did not end up with our family. Thankfully, he did. And we’ve grown as a family since then.

Thanks for taking a peek at this tattoo (or set of tattoos). To God be the glory!


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