Author Profile: Michelle Keener

Your name 
*Michelle Keener

The name of the book you’re promoting. 
*Mission Hollywood

What Genre is your book? 
*Contemporary Christian Romance

If it’s not released yet, when is your launch date?
*July 16, 2019

Tell us a little about your book. 
*Mission Hollywood is the story of movie star Ben Prescott who has spent his life running from God and Lily Shaw, a pastor’s daughter he unexpectedly meets at LAX. When the paparazzi catches a photo of them together, it has all the makings of a scandal. To keep Lily from talking to the press, Ben volunteers to work at her church and of course sparks fly. But when Hollywood starts to take notice, Ben finds himself forced to choose between his career and the woman he might be falling for.

Tell me about your main character(s). 
*Ben Prescott is one of the biggest movie stars on the planet, but little does Hollywood know that he started out as a runaway who fled an abusive home and wound up sleeping in his car before a high-profile agent discovered him. Deeply wounded by the church he grew up in, Ben resents God and doesn’t think he has any need for Him. Lily Shaw is a pastor’s daughter and preschool teacher. She came on staff at her dad’s inner-city church in Hollywood to help after her mother passed away. Lily is content to stay out of the spotlight, knowing she might be the only woman in Hollywood who doesn’t want to be famous. When Ben and Lily are tossed together accidentally at the airport, both of their lives will be forever changed

.How has faith played a role in your book? 
*Definitely. Faith is at the heart of the book. Ben and Lily have a beautiful love story, but the bigger story is the love God has for us. Ben has been running from God his whole life, but God has never given up on him. Lily was raised a Christian, but when life takes an unexpected turn, her faith is tested. What was the hardest part about writing this book?Probably the third draft. After getting feedback from my critique partners, I had to do a major revision. It was a little discouraging, and I remember staring at the computer and wondering how I was going to figure it out. Was the book even worth revising? Was it doomed? But little bit by little bit, word by word, it started to take shape and that discouragement became excitement. It ended up being so much better!

What was the most enjoyable part about writing this book?
*Getting to know the characters. I absolutely love Ben, and the Shaw family is just amazing. It felt like I was making new friends through the course of writing Mission Hollywood and the sequel.

If you could swap lives with your main character for a short time, would you? Why or why not? 
*Absolutely! But can I pick which day? Because there are a few days in Lily’s story that I would prefer to skip. But if I could spend Christmas morning with the Shaw family, that would be petty awesome.

Why do readers want to pick this book up? 
*If readers are looking for a wholesome, faith-based love story this is the right book. It looks at the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and what goes on behind the lights and makeup. It’s a story of love and redemption filled with both humor and some hopefully heart-tugging moments.

What’s next for you as an author? What are you working on now? 
*I’m pushing my multi-tasking limits. I have a women’s fiction book coming out in December with Filles Vertes Publishing and the sequel to Mission Hollywood, Made in Hollywood, is scheduled to be released in February, 2020 with Ambassador International. And somewhere in the midst of all that, I need to finish writing book three of the Mission Hollywood series and finish up my next devotional. Thank goodness for my supportive family and coffee!

Anything else important you want to tell readers? 
*It’s never too late to pursue your dreams. God has given you a unique talent, filled you with gifts, and called you for a purpose. There’s no deadline on pursuing what God has created you to do.

Please include your social media links and a link to purchase your book. 
*I love to hear from readers! I’m on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @MKeenerWrites and you can also connect with me on my website (there’s a free 30-day devotional over there!)
You can find Mission Hollywood here:


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