WIP Update

For writers, the acronym “WIP” stands for “work in progress.” So when you see me mention my WIP, that’s what I’m writing at present.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I announced on Facebook that my WIP finally has a working title. It’s not set in stone, but for now it’s called The Bloom of Roses. It’s a romantic sounding name, yes, and there is romance in the book, yes, but I wouldn’t classify it as purely a romance. It takes place in South Carolina over the course of several decades. It begins in 1840. I’m not sure where it will end. I’m thinking 1880s, but I might be way off.

As of my typing this, The Bloom of Roses is sitting at a little over 65,000 words. Not too shabby. I’m at a point where I have to stop and discover what happens next. The story follows three women (all mothers and daughters) and their drive to survive and have faith in a hard world. One generation follows the “do what you’re told” mantra. The next fights to break that mold and find her own way. The third… well, I’m not there yet, so I’m not completely sure what happens with her. But they all offer hearty prayers as they try to navigate the cards they are dealt.

I have also worked the winners of my naming contest into this story. Tanner is represented as Tanner Emerson (Emerson is also a nod to a beloved friend), who is part of the anti-slavery movement of that era. And Violet has become Violet Alsobrook, who is a spoiled girl who marries the brother of one of the major characters.

So far this has been a joy to write and the words are flowing nicely. We’ll see what the publisher says when it’s completed! Until then – happy reading!


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