Author Profile: M.L. Little

Your name 
*M.L. Little

The name of the book you’re promoting. 
*The Book of Secrets

What Genre is your book? 

When is your launch date?
*August 15th, 2019

Tell us a little about your book. 
*The Book of Secrets is a traditionally-published book, but a very untraditional fantasy. There are horses and airplanes, electricity and taverns, guns and milkshakes. Some readers are confused by the mish-mash of time periods and try to figure out what I was attempting to accomplish, but it’s not meant to be taken seriously. It’s just for fun. The plot begins when the main character finds a magic book in a bookstore, sneaks it home to take a better look, and ends up wreaking all kinds of havoc. It is a younger YA book but could work great as a crossover for kids ready to read more challenging books than middle-grade.

Tell me about your main character(s). 
*The three main characters are 9-14 because this was the age I imagined enjoying the book the most. These three siblings, along with a younger brother, embark on a journey across their world and encounter new places and strange people and creatures. My major goal was for them to be believably fun, ridiculous, sometimes hyperactive young siblings who bicker and scheme and make mistakes, but of course I’m not the one who can say whether or not I achieved that.

How has faith played a role in your book? 
*My book was never supposed to be faith-based whatsoever. Whatever faith elements exist snuck in without my conscious realization. Writing The Book of Secrets ended up being a very personal project because at the time, I was struggling greatly with the same out-of-control anxiety as Gabriel. When I wrote the words Brim uses to comfort Gabriel in the mountain, I was really talking to myself, telling myself what I knew God wanted me to hear. As much as the book changed throughout drafts and rewrites, not a word of that mountain scene is different from the day I first wrote it.

What was the hardest part about writing this book?
*The hardest part was actually the publishing process. I submitted to 35 agencies and publishing houses, and each one wanted the manuscript formatted differently as well as unique query letters–query letters were almost the death of me! Once I was accepted, the editing process with my publishers was wearying, also. I used a LOT of adverbs that had to get cut!

What was the most enjoyable part about writing this book?
*When I finished it–ha. In all seriousness, I enjoyed crafting the world and then dropping the four main characters, the Draven siblings, into it.

If you could swap lives with your main character for a short time, would you? Why or why not? 
*That would greatly depend on what part of the book we were in–and how short that time was!

Why do readers want to pick this book up? 
*Since I’m not the readers, I can’t answer that! I can say my biggest hope is that everyone has half as much fun reading it as I did writing it.

What’s next for you as an author? What are you working on now? 
*It is not guaranteed that the rest of the series will be published, but I’ve been working on edits just in case.

Anything else important you want to tell readers? 
*I’m always looking for reviewers, so if you’d like a free copy in exchange for an honest Goodreads review, find me on Instagram and let me know!

Your social media links and a link to purchase your book. 
Instagram (where I am heavily active): Facebook (where I am never active): Twitter (where I am even less active, if that’s even possible): Preorder the book here!


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