Update on The Bloom of Roses

With school back in swing, I mistakenly thought I would have tons of time to get back to writing. Not so much. With four children ages 4-12, we are constantly go-go-go. But I’m working slowly and steadily.

The Bloom of Roses is over 70,000 words now with no end in sight (I’m estimating it to end at 100,000-120,000 words). I actually emailed my editor last week and, after giving her a rundown of the story line, asked if she thought it might be worth making into a 3-book series. She seemed to like the idea well enough, so perhaps I’ll be working on fleshing out this one large novel into 3 smaller novels.

(c) 2019 Allison Wells

A good chunk of the book takes place on a plantation in the small town of Saint Matthews. Saint Matthews was and is a very real town in South Carolina and I had the pleasure of driving through it recently and I took some photos.

While the plantation in the book, Echo Trail, is fictional, there are still many nineteenth-century homes standing in and around Saint Matthews, including this one. It was built between 1820-1824 by a Reverend Wanamaker for Brig. Gen. Keitt. Keitt lived there from 1824 until the War Between the States. He will killed in battle in 1864. The house is now called the Puritan House. Isn’t it GORGEOUS??

(c) 2019 Allison Wells
(c) 2019 Allison Wells

It only seemed fitting that as I drove, I passed field after field of cotton, as Echo Trail is a cotton plantation. There’s a reason we call cotton “Southern Snow,” because all the fields were white. It was absolutely gorgeous! I was so pleasantly surprised by the beauty.

So that’s the latest update on The Bloom of Roses. I am loving these characters and I can just picture them running in front of this beautiful home and down to the fields. Next time, hopefully I will know a little more about if this will end up as a series following three characters, and maybe I can share what I think those characters will look like.

Have a blessed day, everyone!


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