When Waves Break Characters, Part I

I’m getting more and more excited about the upcoming release of When Waves Break this winter! I wanted to tell you a little about the characters while we wait.

This is the sequel to War-Torn Heart, but focuses on the twin daughters of Abby and Harvey Nicholas. Which means Abby and Harvey have grown up a lot in the 27 years since they first met in 1941.
I was thinking a lot about what I thought they would look like as 40-something parents. I think Abby still has her signature curls, and Harvey’s dashing dark hair has given way to some very handsome grays. I scoured Pinterest for who might best represent these two beloved characters and found two amazing actors…

The ever dignified Andie MacDowell as the older version of Abby. She has the curls, the Southern charm, and that perfect 1960s mom vibe.
We all remember Dermot Mulroney from My Best Friend’s Wedding, but here he’s a little older and a little more dignified. He’s handsome as ever and wonderful inspiration as Harvey.

The Ever Beautiful Andie MacDowell as Abby
A dapper Dermot Mulroney as Harvey https://www.pinterest.com/pin/108508672260061188/

There happen to be 4 main male characters in When Waves Break. You’ll have to wait to see who’s who and what role they play in the story, but for now, here’s what they look like in my head. You have Buzz Herbert, Jesse Washington, Booker Winston, and Patrick McKenzie.

Jesse Washington

I hope when readers get their hands on When Waves Break they will feel that these models/actors accurately reflect what these four characters look like. I think they do.

In the next installment, we’ll look a little more closely at the twin main characters of the book – Eve and Juliette Nicholas. Come back soon for that!


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