When Waves Break Characters: Part II

Last time I showed you what I think Abby and Harvey would look like as parents in their 40s. I also introduced you to my vision for the four men in the book.

Today I want you to meet The Nicholas Twins. They couldn’t be more different.
Eve is minutes older than her twin sister Juliette. The only physical trait they share are their stunning green eyes, inherited from their father, Harvey. Otherwise, you would never know they were sisters let alone twins.

Eve is a little taller and curvier than her sister. Her hair is bright red and straight as a stick. Though she has the fiery hair, she has the calmer demeanor of the two and longs to see the good in the world.

Juliette is a bit more straight in her bodily appearance, but her hair got all the curves. Near-black curls spring all over her head, much like her mother’s. But she keeps is shorter so it looks more like an afro (which are all the rage in 1968). Juliette sees herself as a hippie and wants the world to believe in free love.

Both girls are raised in the church, with their father as pastor. They grow up with their older cousin PJ, now called Pete, and two younger siblings, Joey and Alisa.

When looking for pictures to represent the twins, I came across singer Annie Clark (known as St. Vincent) and model Madeline Ford. Both have large eyes, a more pointed chin, and the hair that makes each girl so distinctive.

Madeline Ford
Annie Clark

You can see more of my inspirations on my Pinterest board for When Waves Break.


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