This is the Month

When Waves Breaks comes out this month, which is pretty appropriate as it takes a look at life in the late 1960s when the civil rights movement was in full swing.

Eve and Juliette Nicholas are growing up in Myrtle Beach, SC where they are somewhat sheltered and naive, but they want to believe in the ideas of free love and they agree with civil rights.

Eve meets a handsome young man named Jesse who happens to be African American. She proudly stands up for him and their budding relationship in the face of adversity. Eve believes it’s true love and is prepared to marry Jesse after interracial marriage is made legal.

Juliette is befriended by an old soul named Booker (named for Booker T. Washington, of course!). Booker’s father is African American and his mother is Japanese. He helps Juliette wade through some serious muck after the summer of 1968.

Their parents, Abby and Harvey (from War-Torn Heart) are open albeit cautious about their daughters’ relationships. They fear their children will be ostracized or worse, but try to let their children follow their hearts.

Not everything is sunshine and roses for the twins, and not everyone they encounter is truthful. Both girls come to some serious harm – mental and physical – and they feel like they’re drowning in the surf.

When Waves Break comes out this month – February 18th – but you can preorder now!


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