Author Interview: V. Romas Burton

Y’all. I am so excited to have such an amazing author joining me today!

Meet V. Romas Burton, author of Heartbreaker and Heartmender (spoiler alert: a third book in the series will come out next year).

Now, I have to start off by saying I’m not sure she and I can be friends because she thinks pineapple belongs on pizza (yuck!), but I guess I can forgive her for that. Especially since she loves rom-coms and drama movies. SAME GIRL! Her ideal date night is a homecooked meal and a night in. Maybe we can be good friends after all.

“Heartmender is set in a realm where human hearts are the currency. When Adelaide Tye discovers her heart is red and alive (not gray and dying like others) she must decide whether she will keep her heart or trade it away to save her brother who disappeared years ago.”

Doesn’t that sound so intriguing? It’s a YA novel, but I promise you adults will gobble it up, too! She said she got the idea from a dream and a sermon saying that dreams are ideas from God.

She says the easiest part of writing is, “Experiencing the story before anyone else!” Yet the hardest part is figuring out what comes next.

I had to know if she would swap places with her character for a day. “Hmmm…depends on the day. If it’s when evil has been slain, yes! If it’s before then…probably not,” she replied with an added, “ha ha” in there.

She putting the finishing touches on the third book in the series – if you want to know more, check her out online!

Find this wonderful storyteller on her socials:
Or you can email her:

Thank you so much, V. Romas Burton, for stopping by my little ol’ blog to tell us about your books!


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