I have news!

If you haven’t seen on my Facebook or Instagram accounts – I’ll have a new book coming out in the spring!

Living Water is a story about Roxie and her five husbands. Yes. Five.
Roxie marries a musician.
A chef.
A firefighter.
A real estate broker.
And a mechanic.

One is a marriage of convenience. One a marriage of loneliness. One is puppy love. One is wishful thinking.

Only one is the love of her life. Which one? You’ll have to wait to find out.

Living Water is my version of a a contemporary Woman at the Well from John 4. Jesus meets the woman, tells her she has been married five times, then offers her Living Water. That woman is the first recorded evangelist in the Bible. That’s right. A woman.
I’m thrilled to bring you this story of love, hurt, and everything inbetween. Coming in 2021!!


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