Author Interview: Mary Beesley

Eek! Mary Beesley is here stopping by today to chat with me. So. Excited. Y’all.
Isn’t she adorable?

Mary is the author of Dragon Blood. DRAGON BLOOD is a YA fantasy about twin brothers ripped apart and raised as enemies.
Doesn’t that sound captivating? I just had to know where this idea came from!

“Ha! My weird brain started thinking about how we all have darkness inside. What if that darkness was really tainted blood and then I started thinking, what if there were a culture that cultivated and praised the violent ego and they went to war with a culture that tried to conquer their dragon blood?”

I just had to know about these characters. Mary said, “Callidon, a hungry 16-year-old sick of mining the sand, wants to fit in and make his ma proud, but instead his violent tendencies bring shame. And the truth. He’s the son of a Draco Sang. If Cal can’t control the violent impulses of his dragon blood, he’ll grow into a monstrous Draco Sang—and he’ll be hunted.”
I’m raising my eyebrows here, because my youngest son is Cal (though not short for Callidon). 😉

Mary told me that the hardest part about writing is drafts one through fifteen. I feel that on a very real level. But she said the best part was… well, this is better said in her own words: “Satiating the hungry beast inside me that feeds on words.”

No wonder she loves action movies. For the record, she also loves rom-coms. Mary does think pineapple belongs on pizza (what is up with that??) and her idea date night is a moonlit stroll through nature.

Mary is a busy bee… She’s working hard on Book 2, WOLF PACK, which is coming out Nov of 2021. An adult fantasy, THE GRAYS, will be coming out December 3, 2020. And edits for BETTING ON LOVE, her first rom-com, is set to be published spring 2021.
Girl do you ever stop?

I asked Mary is she wanted to add anything else and she had one thing to say, “Perseverance is queen. Hope and grit and courage. Keep walking toward your dreams.”
Amen to that! Thank you so much, Mary!

Find Mary on her website or her socials!
@maryrbeesley for instagram
@maryrbeesley for twitter for Facebook
Or contact her through her website:


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