Roxie is Resonating!

Y’all. Roxie is really resonating with people! Living Water got up to #67 on the Amazon chart for Biblical Fiction which is just astounding.

I’ve recorded a few podcasts and live events talking about Living Water and Roxie and I have loved every minute. I’ll link those below. But the biggest takeaway is that Roxie is loved and people love her story. That is every writer’s dream come true.

I cannot thank the wonderful ladies from Monster Ivy Publishing enough for their support and love. Thanks to all the ARC readers and my launch team! I can write the story, but it’s these teams who make a book a success.

Check out Jen Lowry’s pocast – she is just a peach! You’ll want to follow her!

And listen to me at Books on the Mic with some of my MIP faves!

Lynn is one of my favorites and I loved hanging out with her on 2 Girls and a Book live this week!


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