Two Princes releases March 15th!

My 5th novel will be out on March 15th and I am giddy with excitement.

Two Princes is a sweet romance that centers on Hana Willis and the two gentlemen who find themselves pursuing her – Chas Rossi and Pace McCoy.

Here’s the back blurb:

   Hana Willis is too busy writing best-selling romance novels to worry about romance herself. But with her sister and her best friend walking down the aisle soon, Hana realizes it’s time to start looking for her own Prince Charming instead of just writing about them.
   Chas Rossi is the epitome of a successful businessman, but his parents’ nagging that he start a family has him looking over every unattached woman he meets. When Hana walks through his door, he finds a woman who might be just what he’s been looking for.
   Pace McCoy never slows down between owning a bar and operating a dog rescue. With a failed engagement in his past, Pace has sworn off love. That is, until he gets to know Hana and her dog Lulu. Soon all his thoughts are about her and he’s rethinking his take on love.
   When both Chas and Pace take interest in Hana, she finds herself in a love triangle unlike anything in the books she writes. Chas is polished and driven, while Pace is rugged and kindhearted. How will she know which one is the one for her?

This is a departure for me – this is not a heavy-hitting Christian novel. This is just a fun, light read that will have Christian elements. I hope readers new and previous will love it.

I’ll have the pre-order link ready to go soon, until then – happy reading!


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