Do people still blog?

I’m not sure if people still blog anymore. With Facebook pages, Instagram, TikTok, podcasts, etc there doesn’t seem to be a platform for blogging these days. But I thought it was worth to quick post to share about my upcoming release – Alonso. It’s Book 5 in the Last Man Standing series and I think you’re going to love this little enemies to lovers romcom starring Alonso Ortiz as the perpetual bachelor and Piper Campbell as the woman who turns his world upside down – again.

Love is a bad word according to news producer Alonso Ortiz. So is the name Piper Campbell. He’s determined to avoid both until the latter becomes his new partner and on-air talent at Action News.
The name Alonso is a curse in the mind of Piper Campbell. After leaving her cheating fiancé and arriving for a new reporter position at Action News, she’s cursing the name even more when she realizes her old nemesis is now her producer.
Daggers and sparks fly as these two do their best to remain icy toward one another despite the growing heat between them. Can they work together and keep it strictly business? Or will the last man standing fall for the woman he once loathed?

Buy Alonso Now

There are 14 books in this series – check them all out starting this week!


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