Book Launch: Amaya

My 8th book launches today and I am still in awe that I get to do this for a living! I love bringing these stories to life.
Amaya is Book #9 in the Always a Bridesmaid multi-author series and the third in my Savannah Sweethearts series. If you recall my book Alonso, that was the first to launch last year as part of a multi-author series. I added Ashley & Tyrell (which technically comes first) to create a rounded series of three books.
Once these stories are clear from obligations from series work, I will be putting them into a 3-in-1 book!

About Amaya: (buy her here!)

Free-spirited bridesmaid-for-hire Amaya loves living in Savannah and helping brides realize their dreams for their big day. So what if toothless uncles and sweaty groomsmen hit on her constantly? That was all in a day’s work for a professional bridesmaid.
When the new owner of her favorite wedding venue saves her from one such groomsman’s attention, Amaya thinks he might just be her own knight in shining armor.

Orlando returned to Savannah with a single goal – to sell the property his mother was giving him even if it’s been in the family for generations. He’s a businessman, not an event coordinator.
He doesn’t date people he works with and while the gorgeous bridesmaid who frequents the place doesn’t work for him, it’s close enough. But the more he gets to know her, the more his ideas begin to shift. Maybe he likes the relaxed atmosphere and the wedding business a little more than he thought.

With the city as a backdrop, Amaya and Orlando begin to question the status quo in their lives and discover what love truly is.


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