One of the things all businesses – authors included – try to do is streamline things. For years my website has been because just my name took you to a wellness coach. And while that’s great for her, it’s not so great for me as an author brand.

I am also very active on social media and struggled with different usernames, then similar names, etc. I settled on whatallisonsaid because it sounded good and used my first name. Then I realized days after I made the change that I WRITE and incorporating that would have made so much more sense. But I had just changed my socials, so I left it alone.

Fast forward to today, when I was in an author marketing class by Doreen McGettigan and I realized I needed to make some changes, starting with my branding.
So from here on out, just about EVERTYTHING is whatallisonwrote. My website, facebook, instagram, etc have all been changed! I might even make a snappy logo for it.

Be on the lookout for some cool new features here and on my socials! Until next time!


The Next Novella!

Meet Ashley & Tyrell! They (and their story) are my upcoming novella that will release on November 15th!

When Ashley Gloss hears his voice for the first time in ten years, all those old feelings come rushing back. Tyrell Harris was the love of her life until her parents and their snobbery broke them apart. A decade older, Ashley decides she won’t let them dictate her life anymore – but when she discovers that Tyrell comes as a package deal with twin daughters, is it more than she bargained for?

If you recognize their names – yes, they were featured in Alonso’s story this summer. I can’t wait for you to meet them! Exclusively on Amazon & KU!

Do people still blog?

I’m not sure if people still blog anymore. With Facebook pages, Instagram, TikTok, podcasts, etc there doesn’t seem to be a platform for blogging these days. But I thought it was worth to quick post to share about my upcoming release – Alonso. It’s Book 5 in the Last Man Standing series and I think you’re going to love this little enemies to lovers romcom starring Alonso Ortiz as the perpetual bachelor and Piper Campbell as the woman who turns his world upside down – again.

Love is a bad word according to news producer Alonso Ortiz. So is the name Piper Campbell. He’s determined to avoid both until the latter becomes his new partner and on-air talent at Action News.
The name Alonso is a curse in the mind of Piper Campbell. After leaving her cheating fiancé and arriving for a new reporter position at Action News, she’s cursing the name even more when she realizes her old nemesis is now her producer.
Daggers and sparks fly as these two do their best to remain icy toward one another despite the growing heat between them. Can they work together and keep it strictly business? Or will the last man standing fall for the woman he once loathed?

Buy Alonso Now

There are 14 books in this series – check them all out starting this week!

New Life to Older Things

Years ago on this blog, I shared little short stories called The Chronicles of Kate & the Grit Girls. They were so much fun, but I really don’t blog anymore, so a friend convinced me to give Kindle Vella a try. Kate, Delia, and Frankie Ann will be given new life over on Kindle Vella!

(c) Allison Wells. Thanks to C, M, & M for modeling.

The first episode (an intro) came out on May 8th, and they will be coming out every Sunday! Please take a look and follow the story!

Where did the Grit Girls come from? Well, truth be told, from me and my friends!

Back in 2015, my best friend moved away. And much like an eight-year-old, I pouted. Michelle and I did everything together – even down to (inadvertently) having children together. So I took her moving very hard.

I spent a year feeling completely friendless. I prayed for friends to magically appear. On a whim, I started a Facebook group for area moms. The group has blossomed into an amazing community and such a wonderful mission field for encouragement. Through the group, I met two wonderful ladies – Marissa and Sarah. We were instant buddies. We share everything.

Through some word misunderstanding, I thought someone had called us the Bacon Tribe (she had actually said “Beacon of Light”) and the nickname stuck. We’ve been the Bacon Tribe for over five years now. We talk daily. We go on vacations together. We celebrate birthdays and Christmas and anything else we can think of to celebrate.

I wanted to write some shorts as magnets to put on my blog, and now they’re going to live on Vella.. With a little group brainstorming, the Bacon Tribe translated into the Grit Girls.

Now – please note that the Grit Girls are FICTION. The stories are FICTION. Yes, we went to Lake Lure, but nobody fell into the lake. No hunky firefighter married a gorgeous divorcee (that I know of), and I know not one single thing about the school district superintendent. Every storyline is made up in my head, albeit based on somewhat true events.

But they are fun to write, and hopefully they’re fun for you to read. I do hope you’re enjoying learning about Kate and the Grit Girls. They’re a sassy bunch, aren’t they?

Two Princes releases March 15th!

My 5th novel will be out on March 15th and I am giddy with excitement.

Two Princes is a sweet romance that centers on Hana Willis and the two gentlemen who find themselves pursuing her – Chas Rossi and Pace McCoy.

Here’s the back blurb:

   Hana Willis is too busy writing best-selling romance novels to worry about romance herself. But with her sister and her best friend walking down the aisle soon, Hana realizes it’s time to start looking for her own Prince Charming instead of just writing about them.
   Chas Rossi is the epitome of a successful businessman, but his parents’ nagging that he start a family has him looking over every unattached woman he meets. When Hana walks through his door, he finds a woman who might be just what he’s been looking for.
   Pace McCoy never slows down between owning a bar and operating a dog rescue. With a failed engagement in his past, Pace has sworn off love. That is, until he gets to know Hana and her dog Lulu. Soon all his thoughts are about her and he’s rethinking his take on love.
   When both Chas and Pace take interest in Hana, she finds herself in a love triangle unlike anything in the books she writes. Chas is polished and driven, while Pace is rugged and kindhearted. How will she know which one is the one for her?

This is a departure for me – this is not a heavy-hitting Christian novel. This is just a fun, light read that will have Christian elements. I hope readers new and previous will love it.

I’ll have the pre-order link ready to go soon, until then – happy reading!