Firebird Award Winner

I was thrilled to find out recently that I won the Firebird Book Award in Christian Fiction for Bell of the Night! I even got this snazzy emblem to put on my books and here on my website.

Bell’s story is so dear to me, so it gives me great pleasure to know she connects with others as well.


Monster Ivy League

Well hello there! I am THRILLED to tell y’all that I am starting a podcast along with some amazing authors! Sara Jo Cluff and Kristiana Sfirlea and I will be talking all things nitty and gritty about books. We’re hoping to bring you some amazing new books and talk with some fabulous authors.

Do you have an author you would love to hear about? A book that hit you right in the feels? Let me know so we can add it to our calendar!

Check us out online!



On the Web

Roxie is Resonating!

Y’all. Roxie is really resonating with people! Living Water got up to #67 on the Amazon chart for Biblical Fiction which is just astounding.

I’ve recorded a few podcasts and live events talking about Living Water and Roxie and I have loved every minute. I’ll link those below. But the biggest takeaway is that Roxie is loved and people love her story. That is every writer’s dream come true.

I cannot thank the wonderful ladies from Monster Ivy Publishing enough for their support and love. Thanks to all the ARC readers and my launch team! I can write the story, but it’s these teams who make a book a success.

Check out Jen Lowry’s pocast – she is just a peach! You’ll want to follow her!

And listen to me at Books on the Mic with some of my MIP faves!

Lynn is one of my favorites and I loved hanging out with her on 2 Girls and a Book live this week!

ACTS of Prayer

I wrote this for my publisher’s Spiritual Sunday post and thought I would share it here as well.

Steps on Prayer

Have you ever wondered how to pray? This is something my kids struggle with – they don’t feel comfortable praying out loud because they don’t know how. Of course, I tell them there is no right or wrong way to pray, God hears us regardless. 

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But I was introduced to a method that I really liked and I’m using with my kids, so I thought I would pass it along to you. It’s called ACTS.

  • First, you open your prayer with Adoration. Praise God for all that He is. Acknowledge that He is the Alpha and Omega.
  • Second, Confession. This is where you admit your own shortcomings and ask for forgiveness. 
  • Following that is Thanksgiving. We have so much. Thank the Lord for everything, eleven if you’re not feeling it. Thank Him for the rain, your dishwasher, the roof over your head. 
  • Finally, end with Supplication. That’s just a fancy word for asking for things with a humble heart. Pray for your needs, but more than that, pray for the needs of others. 

This is a simple way to build up your prayer life and a great method for introducing prayer to those that might be unfamiliar with it. Like I said, I do this with my kids at night before bed. We might go out of order sometimes, but it’s a handy way to stay in tune with our creator. Added to reading the Bible and studying scripture, it can help with creating a fulfilling life walking with the Lord.

God bless you all! I’m praying for you!