The Precipice of…

I don’t know what I’m on the precipice of, but I feel like I’m there. Hanging over the edge of something. You see, this weekend I head off to celebrate my great-aunt’s 100th birthday. She’s an amazing lady who has seen so much in her 100 years. My grandmother, her sister, passed away at theContinue reading “The Precipice of…”

Mental Health & Moms

I’m breaking away from my usual writing to talk a minute about mental health. I see all kinds of memes and well-shared posts talking about erasing the stigma around mental health and moms taking care of themselves. But they’re all impersonal. Not many people open up and share their own struggles. So, feeling led byContinue reading “Mental Health & Moms”

A Big Thank You!

I wanted to thank everybody who has ordered War-Torn Heart! Within 48 hours of release, War-Torn Heart made it up to #126 on the Amazon list for its genre. With millions of books available – this is quite the accomplishment for me! I truly believe it is only through God that I have been ableContinue reading “A Big Thank You!”