My Testimony

Allison’s Testimony: Trust Me

I was not a church go-er as a child. But when I was in high school, someone invited me to church. I went and enjoyed it. One evening a group of kids from church went to a  Christian concert at a local college. That was the night I gave my heart to Jesus Christ. Thousands of people in an open arena were singing and calling out to God. I felt a tug at my heart, and I heard Jesus calling me, “Allison, put your trust me in. Let me into your heart.” And I did. I was 16 years old.

During college, I began dating Marshall. We had been friends for years, but it was college that brought us together. This boy was a Christian, and I knew that.  He came from a strong Christian family, and I longed for that strength in Christ. We were married in 2003.

What happens next after you are married and have jobs? You want children. Marshall and I had agreed on having children and adopting as well. It took much longer than we ever expected, and a level of heartache I did not know was possible at the time, but I knew God wanted us to put our trust in Him.

Over the years, I experienced two crushing miscarriages and we had an adoption loss of a set of twins. But we were blessed with our daughter and three sons over the course of almost nine years. Each time I heard the voice of the Lord telling me to Trust Him. And it was not always easy. In fact, at times, it was a real struggle and I felt like I was barely hanging on – but hang on I did.

We faced almost losing our oldest son as we tried to adopt him, and then the doctors told me my 4th (surprise, post-tubal) child might not be viable early in the pregnancy – what could we do? We clung to our trust in the Lord, to our faith.

After our fourth child was born, my husband had to close his business. This left us without an income. It’s not a fond memory, but I will never forget that summer we had to go on food stamps and our phones were turned off. (It happens. And I do not take for granted the assistance we received.) I began freelance writing as a way to bring in something – anything. And God provided. I wrote dozens of articles over the course of several months and that helped to tide us over while my husband not only looked for a job, but worked to collect debts owed to him. It was only through Prayer and Trust that we have come through the other side of that situation, with my husband now wonderfully employed and me still writing while staying home with our beautiful children.

Life isn’t always easy, I have to wait for God and trust in Him to write the story.

“Trust me,” He said.

“I still do, Lord, I still do.”