Big News from the Desk of Allison Wells

I am so excited to announce that my publisher, Ambassador International, has accepted the sequel for War-Torn Heart to be amongst their published works! The sequel is called When Waves Break (working title), and it follows the twin daughters of Abby and Harvey Nicholas, Eve and Juliette. And while this is a story about love,Continue reading “Big News from the Desk of Allison Wells”

“Fate of the Watchman” Cover Reveal Scavenger Hunt and Giveaway

Join the scavenger hunt to see the full cover of Chad Pettit’s “Fate of the Watchman” and also look for clues to win a $10 Barnes and Noble egiftcard and a free digital pre-release ebook of “Fate of the Watchman”! Welcome to the “Fate of the Watchman” Cover Reveal Scavenger Hunt! You have arrived atContinue reading ““Fate of the Watchman” Cover Reveal Scavenger Hunt and Giveaway”

Cover Reveal & FB Event

Attention, everyone! I am thrilled to tell you that this Thursday, July 26, I will be hosting a Facebook Event with my Publisher, Ambassador International. I will be answering questions from 8:30-9:00pm EDT. The big news is that I will be revealing the cover art for War-Torn Heart! I am beyond thrilled to be ableContinue reading “Cover Reveal & FB Event”

Where did the Grit Girls come from?

Where did the Grit Girls come from? Well, truth be told, from me and my friends! A little over three years ago my best friend moved away. And much like an eight-year-old, I pouted. Michelle and I did everything together – even down to (inadvertently) having children together. So I took her moving very hard.Continue reading “Where did the Grit Girls come from?”

Where we’re at now…

My amazing editor Katie and I have been having a lot of back and forth, but thankfully most of the edits were things like commas, or my overusing certain phrases. All easy things to take care of. Whew! Now she tells me my book has been whisked off to “Creative,” where the team will beContinue reading “Where we’re at now…”