Meet Kate, Delia, & Frankie Ann: The Grit Girls

I’ve written several Grit Girls stories now, and I felt like these ladies needed faces. I had distinct pictures in my mind of what they looked like and I wanted you all to see them, too. So, on a whim, I put our a casting call for models. Not “model” models, but people willing toContinue reading “Meet Kate, Delia, & Frankie Ann: The Grit Girls”

Cover Reveal

If you didn’t see the Facebook event, or see the cover on IG or Twitter… Seriously… Dream come true. And then some. My name at the top. My book that I wrote. Do I sound dopey? Probably. Because this is the most amazing thing to happen to me outside of my marriage the arrival ofContinue reading “Cover Reveal”

My Favorite Author

My favorite author of Christian Fiction and Christian Bible Study is none other than the amazing Liz Curtis Higgs. I can’t recall when I was first introduced to her writing, it was probably close to 20 years ago. I came across a second-hand copy of her book One Size Fits All and Other Fables (whichContinue reading “My Favorite Author”