Another Title Coming Soon!

I am a little late in blogging this, but in December I signed a contract with Monster Ivy Publishing to publish my third novel, Bell of the Night. I am both giddy excited and incredibly nervous at the prospect. Monster Ivy focuses on edgy and clean fiction, so Bell of the Night fits in perfectly.Continue reading “Another Title Coming Soon!”

Update on The Bloom of Roses

With school back in swing, I mistakenly thought I would have tons of time to get back to writing. Not so much. With four children ages 4-12, we are constantly go-go-go. But I’m working slowly and steadily. The Bloom of Roses is over 70,000 words now with no end in sight (I’m estimating it toContinue reading “Update on The Bloom of Roses”

Burning Flames v. Smoldering Embers

Writers and readers alike know that burning flames in a romance novel sells books. It’s no different for Christian romance either. The flames may look a little different – there’s nothing gratuitous or inappropriate – but everyone feels the flames from their cheeks to their toes. All fires need three things – fuel, heat, andContinue reading “Burning Flames v. Smoldering Embers”

When Waves Break Update

I recently received my second round of edits for When Waves Break. My amazing editor and I will go back and forth a few times with edits. Most of which consist of my inability to place commas appropriately, but also include a few bigger things. For instance, she didn’t like that Abby called someone “large.”Continue reading “When Waves Break Update”