Reviews for When Waves Break

An emotional story that will stay with you!
The first few chapters of the book deal with very heavy subjects, and the journey was emotionally exhausting at times. But the redemption story is so worth the “hard stuff” and would not have had the same impact without it.
I love the beautiful bond between twin sisters in this story. The way the characters changed over time was unexpected, and it kept me intrigued, but their love for one another was a constant thread.
At the time I read this book, I needed the emotional release that it provided. Although fiction, it was cathartic for me to experience the pain and then the healing of the Nicholas sisters.
Great read!
~author Heather Normal Smith

This book is the second novel written by Allison Wells, one of my new favorite authors! She is not afraid to get gritty, making her characters likable and believable. Although this is Christian fiction, Wells doesn’t stick to safe topics but instead dives into murky waters to show the reader that life is, indeed, messy–which is why we need a perfect Savior! When Waves Break will make you want to know more about the Civil Rights Movement and how that affected the lives of the people who lived it. Wells will also make you question the free love movement and how it unraveled society. So, be prepared for some hard, dark truths in this book that will show you that true love casts out all fear and can only be given by a loving Heavenly Father.
~Katie from Greer, SC

A beautiful read that was an emotional and uplifting experience. An intricate study of love and familial bonds, When Waves Break took us on a journey with twin sisters through love and choices. Tragic and difficult at times, the journey was buoyed by love and devotion both romantic and familial. I highly recommend this novel. You won’t be able to put it down!
~Carla Brewer