The Book is Just the Beginning

I’m learning rather quickly that there is so much more to being a modern day author than writing a book. And believe me, that takes up a lot of time. But apparently we must also put forth efforts into a website, social media accounts, working on our branding, and more.

I find it all fun and exciting, but just not things that I thought about when I dreamed of being a published author. I think we figure we write a book and that’s the end of it. People will read it. How do you get those people to your book though? Last year for fun I did a direct to Kindle novella under a pseudonym. Guess what? Not a single person has bought it. Which is fine, I just wanted to know how Kindle direct worked, but I realized there’s so much more to it.

Right now I’m reading Michael Hyatt’s Platform, about how to get your product noticed in this world where everyone and everything is competing for the attention of the customer. It’s very eye-opening. I highly suggest it if you want to promote whatever your product is (be it a book, movie, hairbows, or whatever).


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