Directing Your Children

A recently topic of discussion on a parenting board I’m a part of and in our home has been how to avoid following Christ becoming a mundane chore. How to keep from forcing faith onto our children.

Marshall and I went around and around on this earlier and finally concluded there was only one answer. Proverbs 22:6.
“Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.” (NLT)

I think this translation is best because it says “direct.” Most other translations say “train.” Not force, not drag, but direct or train.

If we can steer, guide, teach and direct our children in the ways of faith, I think they will get it and become Christ-followers (either never stray, or will come back to it like the prodigal).
If we can teach them the truth of the Bible, teach them to love Jesus and others, without forcing it or demanding it, I think parents will be successful in helping to win another soul for the Lord.

How? Well, that’s the question there. Going to church is important, but not all of it. We need to live our daily life for Christ. Be as Christ-like as possible to our children and everyone we encounter. And TELL our children that is what we are doing. We need to tell them that we’re being merciful like Jesus or encouraging, generous, loving like Jesus.
Our kids copy us, and when they can see Jesus reflected in us, they will in turn be a light to others as well.

There is no guarantee that our children will become Christians. I know that. But as long as we follow God’s path and plant the seeds and nurture them, I think it will turn out okay.

Direct your child. Guide him, teach her. Don’t force it. That’s the big lesson for parents.


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