I Saw the Sign

Okay, every one who starting singing Ace of Base in their heads raise your hand! I know I did!

As a culture, Americans are obsessed with seeing signs. Do a search of “seeing signs” and the results are endless.
But can we really see signs? And where do these signs come from? Can they come from God?

I think the answer is yes. I’m a firm believer that the Lord uses sometimes subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle signs to speak to us and lead us in a certain direction.

When Marshall and I decided to adopt through foster care I had felt it laid on my heart. But I argued with it. Then I started seeing billboards for DSS adoptions. I can’t find a picture, but it was a billboard of two white eggs and two speckled eggs. For some reason, it spoke to me. Yet I still argued that I did not want to do it. Then – as if a sign – I began to hear radio ads for foster care adoptions.

I took them as signs from God that yes, this was part of his plan for us. I listened.

We ask for “signs” all the time. But I think the problem is that our eyes are not open (nor is our heart) to receive them. We’re blind.

I could have easily skipped over the signs I felt God was showing me. And it would have been my loss. I could have crashed and burned.

We all need to be open – open eyes, open ears, open hearts – to what God is showing us. The sign we are looking for might be RIGHT THERE and we’re too preoccupied, busy and blind to see it. Just keep in mind the sign we’re being shown might not be the answer we are looking for.

Are you looking for God’s signs in your life today?


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