What Are You Waiting For?

We often find ourselves waiting for the “right time” for something.

The right time to get married, start a family, give that business venture a try, or to reach out to someone.

We wait, thinking surely God will send us a sign or open a door. Or we think, “When this happens, I can finally do this.”

Stop waiting. Life is what happens in the interim. Life passes you by as you wait from one event to the next.

As my husband and I longed and waited to become parents, I began writing to ease the wait. Yes, it took many years, but that book is finally being published.
A friend of mine was waiting for her “ship” to come in financially, but in the meantime, she worked hard and enjoyed her life to the best of her ability, she did not sit and wait idly.

If you are waiting, looking for a sign, please take this as that sign. Take that first step. Apply for college, tell someone you love them, call that person who haven’t spoken to in so long.
Even if things don’t turn out as you hoped, at least you tried. God will reward that.

What are you waiting for? Get moving today!


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